Franklin Drive

Welcome to Franklin Drive!

At this point, this is primarily a data store and testbed.

About the Site Name

Franklin Drive has several meanings to me:


My initial reason for creating this site was to get more online disk space. I had been filling up with Tripecac mp3s, and wanted a separate server for storing mp3s, photos, and possibly videos. I also wanted a server for trying out some mysql/php projects.

In the past couple years, the need for has disappeared. now hosts my mp3s, flickr hosts my photos, and I still haven't digitized my videos. There's enough room on for videos when the time comes. As for playing around with php and mysql, well, lets me do that too. So, continues to be unused. It just sits here collecting dust at a rate of over $100 per year.

So how am I gonna use Some possibilities:


Okay, see you next year!


  1. Test, configure, learn. Get PHP/MySQL working. Get mail working.
  2. Put some photo albums online. I need to decide whether to put the html files on or
  3. Create a backup area for automatic backups of small files.
  4. Decide whether to use primarily for file storage or as a full-time website.